Planning and Designing

HERAIS Systems probably have more experience in the installation of laboratory furniture than any other company in Canada. Having worked with architects and designers from Canada, we have a comprehensive overview of what will and will not work with practical solutions to a wide range of laboratory challenges. 
Practical Solutions, Experience and innovation are the keys to HERAIS designs. We have been at the forefront of laboratory furniture design since the company was first founded over 12 years ago. Over this time we have developed our standard furniture systems to the point where they will suit most applications without the need for significant alteration. We also have a considerable knowledge of special applications and the chances are, that what ever your particular needs, we have come across a similar situation in the past and we have a solution.

We have designed a number of custom units and we work with architects and end users throughout in different markets with different lab facilities to provide solutions that are practical and workable.

A growing number of architects now specify HERAIS Lab Furniture systems as our standard products can easily meet their design requirements, whether for chemistry, physics, biology, pharmaceutical or pathology laboratories, as well as meeting industrial standards.

HERAIS have full CAD design facilities as well as 3D capability and full shop drawings are always supplied to the client prior to manufacturing. Drawings and revisions can be completed in less than 24 hours. Some call this approach fast track – we call it standard operating procedure.


The fastest delivery speeds:

We are not talking about shaving a few days off of a schedule in return for a rush charge. Our normal delivery time is typically half the industry standard on lab furniture. It’s even less on fume hoods. We have the domestic and international manufacturing capacity to deliver labs at the speed to anywhere in the world.


One of the only true Quick-Ship programs:

Need it even faster than our regular speeds? Through our Quick-Ship program, we can ship our products, and all our furniture, from inventory, in as little as 7 days.


HERAIS Installation Team is backed by over twenty years of experience including factory authorized and certified training in the installation of laboratory furniture and fume hoods. We offer complete mechanical and non-mechanical installation options for new lab facilities and renovation projects.

HERAIS team has the experience and capability for relocating your lab across the street, across town, or across a continent.

In addition, HERAIS provide complete factory assembled lab Furniture which save time and efforts.

Also we can offer supervision facilities for your lab furniture installation and management, plus all the installation guide drawings and maps, which can minimize the cost of the installation, if installation handles by you.